About Harry's wafer Bakery- History

1952: Harry's wafer bakery is established by Henri Groosman & Joanna Verreth.

On 5 April 1952, the company is entered into the trade register number 120.881. Its first place of business is 28 Fort II straat in Wommelgem, near Antwerp. Later, the bakery recolates to Borsbeek. The assortment is limited to  cones ( 3 different sizes) and flat wafers.

1975: Takeover

The comapny is acquired by Mr and Mrs Hoorens, the owners of a coffee-roasting house and multiple tea-rooms. The wafer bakery relocates to Handrode. 

1987: Mrs. Raes acquires the bakery.

 The wafer bakery moves to 22 Pourbusstraat , Antwerp( South). The assortment is extended to include double fan wafers.      

 1989: The Current owner, Francis Hendrickx,acquires Harry's wafer bakery.

There are just five customers left for a variety of reasons-- too few to speak of a profitable company. Every effort is made to improve the quality and to increase production capacity. Additionally, the range is extended to include  biscuits rolls and tulip-shaped wafers. During the winter months, sugar waffles are baked. Our customers base steadly grows again. We focus primarily on ice-cream parlours that make their own ice-cream.

1990: Move

Due to lack of space, the bakery is moved to a location nearby, natably 16 de Vrièrestraat.

1995: Move to Hoboken.

In light of continued expansion of production, Harry's wafer bakery is moved to a building in Hoboken.

1996: Biscuiterie Bosny is acquired.

Located in Niel, Biscuiterie Bosny manufactures biscuits on the same way as Harry's wafer bakery does. Production is moved to Hoboken. Roger Bosny  becomes employed at Harry's.This takeover raises the profile of Harry's wafer bakery as a supplier catering to quality-conscious ice-cream makers.

1999: Personalised logo

In line with the time-honoured tradition wherby ice-cream parlours baked their own biscuits with their logos imprinted on them, a system is created thet enables Harry's to offer ice-cream biscuits thet bear its customer's logos using traditional methods.

2006: Quality certificate

We obtain our Fedis Food standards for SME

2007: Production of sugar waffles and balls of dough is halted.

To allow for an even greater focus on the baking of ice-cream wafers.

2010: New export

Thanks to a steady growth, today Harry's tasty ice-cream wafers are baked in multiple ovens according to the original recipe. The export market includes the Netherlands as well as other European countries, and even the US.

2017: IFS Global Markets - Food

We obtain our IFS Global Markets - food certificate ( remplacement of the Fedis Food  standard for SME).

2021: HIB- Label

We receive the recognitian: HIB- Label : Handmade in Belgium.