We have moved!

Our new address is: Vantegemstraat 37, 9230 Wetteren.

Harry’s Wafer Make a Difference:

In our opinion, there are a lot of “ordinary” ice-cream biscuits.

We from Harry’s wafer bakery believe an ice-cream biscuit should, above all, look ‘natural’. What’s more, the tasty look of the wafers reinforces the customers’ temptation to buy your ice-cream so that they can indulge for a few moments and savour the small things in life.

That is why, at Harry’s wafer bakery, we still bake our wafers the traditional way.
What we don’t do is try to bake as many wafers as possible in a short amount of time in order, without regard to taste.

Harry’s wafer bakery bakes more slowly, in accordance with industry practices, to ensure that the natural ingredients of the dough have enough time to warm up, sweat and develop in order to form the perfect structure that is typical of a really crispy wafer.

Moreover, this way there is enough time to develop their specific natural aromas which make for the great taste of a delicious wafer, thus giving your carefully prepared ice-cream its full potential.  

That is how Harry’s wafer bakery makes a difference!

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